What to Expect in a Session

Your first session starts with a short health interview to understand you better.


A complete Reiki/ Jin Shin Jyutsu session is offered to a fully clothed recipient on a treatment table, or sitting comfortably supported in a chair. 

After the session we go over various Self Help Exercises tailored to your specific needs. 

What will I feel ?

A session could leave you feeling Light, Peaceful, Loved, Comforted and even Emotional. 

Every experience is unique in its nature, and  different each time, sometimes really subtle. 

Most people fall into a  deep sleep or a sleep like meditative state. 

How many Sessions ?

A single session can bring profound healing. In my experience, sometimes a lifetime of disharmony can melt away in a few hours.

The effects of Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu are highly cummulative. I recommend taking 4-6 sessions within the first month. This helps bring balance back to your body's energy and jump starts your healing process. Thereafter the sessions can be spaced as per your specific needs.